Wednesday, 10 July 2013


not been on in a fair while now! update on info... favourite producer is still burial; i myself have started to produce- video & soundcloud linked; i've started to mix with olly- very successful! i should probably write more on here, from what i did write i achieved being the representative for the lincolnshire area for beacons festival ! i am also thrilled to say that i was offered the role of  marketing-coordinator for oxjam festival. a nationwide music festival to raise money for oxfam. i work with an amazing team for the lincolnshire county, showing a variety of the area's best talent in a multitude of events leading up to the main event in october. for more info on that, click here. now the brief update is over, time for some music! 

Mount Kimbie- Blind Night Errand

Saturday, 1 December 2012

fake blood - yes/no and the album cells

this guy. one of the funkiest soldiers to ever play my eardrums. every song=  good mood. fact. i personally must have been one of the first people to download his new album 'cells' and i've been raving about it ever since. every single person i have showed this song, this album and every other song he has produced (or even mixed) has agreed that he is one to follow. i don't know if it's just the north but god help me, no matter what mood i'm in, this guy 101% puts me above the clouds. the 70's vibe of "i think i like it" struck me when i first took a listen to him and i have been hooked ever since. the little tinker. he always includes some stupidly memorable sample in every single song- and unlike most dj's i've come across, he does this magnificently. in this case- the piano; try get that out of your head. try not to sing the YES/NO that is whispered in the back of your mind. and try not to boogie on down to the heavy synth beats that you will never EVER rid from your little brains. 10/10 for making music that i promise will make you smile. 

Friday, 30 November 2012

daphni - yes, i know

and here is the legend that they call dan snaith. i love this guy. the mind behind manitoba, daphni and the more well known caribou. not only is the man an exceptionally talented musician, ranging from underground dirty beats to soothing hippy vibes, the man is hard to hate. caribou's 'swim' album was indeed the first ever vinyl i ever bought, and it was not a mistake. jiaolong; the daphni album that he released in october 2012, must be my favourite album since claude vonstroke's 'bird brain' album or thom yorke's 'the eraser' album. you almost get a weird trip just listening to it, the beats and and rhythms that he creates are so memorable they can send you shivers even when you're not listening to it. it's the strangest but most relieving feeling that he can continuously do this; no matter which album i discuss. the samples he uses in tracks such as "cos-ber-zam-ne noya" portray the creative mind that he constantly shows and bring you back down to earth from the sky high, mind boggling songs such as "light". such juxtaposition within this album, from the liquid drum and bass style to the house rhythms to the bongo beats that you just can't help but shake about excitedly too. this really does help us get one step closer into the mind of dan snaith and if you don't love him after this album, well, you don't deserve to have ears. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

songs i c&p from youtube that sound good

virus- bjork (hudson hohawke peaches & guacamole remix)

bjork. anyone who's everyone knows the name. "the crazy girl with a massive voice." as someone described her the other day. me being me i had to fight that argument with this song. possibly the most beautiful mix i have heard this year. her voice always seems to send shivers through my body. her imagination is one to admire and is heard not only in her style of music but her incredibly memorable lyrics. along with hudson mohawke (an absolute favourite of mine) peaches and guacamole, this song not only takes the listener higher than the clouds but lets you fully feel, experience and wander upon the stars. her haunting vocals, the beautiful piano almost sounding like you are dancing between the stars and the belting horns creating a lump in any listeners throat make this song legendary. to sum up her new album 'biophilla' she says; "for me the project is a continuation of volta and whereas volta is more about anthropology, this is kind of without humans and both zooming out like the planets but also zooming in into the atoms and in that way aesthetically sympathising with sound and how sound moves and physics of sound and how notes in a room behave, how they bounce off walls and between objects and its kind of more similar to how planets and microscopic things work." it is hard to explain or even understand how thoroughly bjork thinks into her music. she doesn't just think of what instruments and sounds go well together like most musicians, she feels and completely expresses her thoughts through the music we are lucky enough to hear. 

MODA Basement Party ft Justin Martin

if you could think of the perfect underground party, this would be it. Tokyo Lincoln's fairly new venue in the cellars of their club. after throwing other MODA parties not so long ago with acts such as shadow child, disclosure and eats everything, some could say it's hard to match up to the perfection that was previously held... they were wrong. last friday i went to watch a personal favourite DJ of mine- Justin Martin. from day one of knowing he would grace Lincoln, i was ecstatic. knowing his wonderful bass would be wobbing through the sweet venue that is the cellars and knowing i could once again be privileged enough to see him in person. it didn't disappoint. i can thoroughly say that it was indeed one of the best nights of my life. being supported by Doorly who also threw some absolutely massive tunes- being a praised dj for his technological beats and hosting his own show he also, did not fail to impress. Jaymo & Andy George also ruled the night as they always do with MODA's own incredible Tom Staar. an exceptional set was thrown by each and every one of these dj's and i cannot express the atmosphere thanks to them. so rather than this being a review on the 8pm-6am party itself it is more a thank you, a thank you to MODA for once again bringing some sunshine and lemon drops back to Lincoln.